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Arjun or Karna? Who is a greater fighter?

Like any other debatable topic, before I reach to some conclusion, I try to define boundaries of the problem. In this case, Arjun or Karna is not important to me. Rather, I am thinking what is meant by a fighter? Is it just who can fight for 24 hrs without getting tired? Or, just whoever knows how to throw arrows with right precision and accuracy? Or, just who is ambidextrous and knows to handle multiple types of weapons with due expertise ? In my opinion, all these are important and necessary but not "sufficient".

A fighter is one, who,
a) knows how to win in odd situations and whose mental strength is immense?
b) gives due respect to his/her enemies and goes for a clean fight without using unfair means
c) is ambitious but does not underestimate his enemies
d) is intelligent and plans for bad situations rather than favorable situations
e) stays beside 'Truth', 'Dharma' and 'Justifiable duties' and is not affected by emotional constraints
f) can isolate every problem to its context, is self-dependent and does not blame others for his misfortune

Now, if you also agree with me, then go ahead and read further. Otherwise, you are free to be biased and choose either Karna or Arjun as your favourite fighter.

Ok, now lets see, who fits the above bill?

a) Take Virat yudh for consideration. Arjun (A) was handling it alone against all Kauravs who attacked Virat Rajya. He single handedly defeated Vishwa, Karna, Duryodhan, Drona and many others and saved Virat Rajya. Karna (K) was also a great fighter and throughout his life, he fought mentally against the stigma of ignorance from society and yet maintained his composure and focus as a fighter. Karna was even great in sacrificing his 'Kavatch' before the Kurukhsetra war. Such was his confidence and mental strength as a fighter! So, 45(A)-55(K).
b) Karna failed to maintain his ‘clean’ fighter image when he teamed with other Kauravas to kill Arjun’s son Abhimanyu. How could he do this? He was one of the 7 killers who together mercilessly killed the brave kid Abhimanyu who troubled the Kauravas till the last point of his life. The ‘yudh’ rules were against it. People say, Karna was a great character by heart – he failed to keep this image in this case. Arjun, on the other hand was stainless in using unfair means in battles. Yes, I agree he used Shikhandi to fight against Vishwa. But, Shikhandi was not actually fighting against Vishwa, he just stood still in Arjun’s chariot; and seeing Shikhandi, Vishwa left his armor. Then Arjun threw arrows to Vishwa and Vishwa welcomed the death to be at the hands of Arjun (because Vishwa used to love Arjun the most). People will also argue that Arjun killed Jayadrath after the Sunset which was against the rule. But, they forget that it was a revenge for the merciless killing of Abhimanyu by Jayadrath. So, there is no fault if you become unfair in removing another wrong thing or person. Also, a ‘false’ sunset was created by Krishna as he guided Surya to disappear for a moment and bring out Jayadrath from hiding. As Jayadrath came out, Sun reappeared and Arjun killed him. So, as far as Arjun is concerned, he realized that the Sun has come back and he killed Jayadrath. 52(A)-48(K).
c) Arjun never underestimated anyone. He learnt this lesson in a hard way in his childhood when he ignored Ekalavya and got beaten. After that, he never underestimated anyone. He knew he can win battles alone too but he always welcomed any other fighter with due respect. Karna too, always used to respect other fighters. But, one thing I don’t like about Karna. He was always keen to fight against Arjun and beat him and prove that he is the better than Arjun. That, in one sense, shows his respect to Arjun. In other sense, it also shows his eagerness to prove Arjun inferior to him. A true soldier should not think about demeaning others and should only do his ‘Karma’, i.e to fight and leave the rest to history to decide who is better. Still, considering Karna’s misfortune of birth rights and the ignorance and stigma associated with it, I would say, 50(A)-50(K)
d) They both were intelligent in making war plans. But, I feel surprised about one thing. Much before Kurukhsetra war, Karna knew that he got 2 curses hanging on his head given by his teacher Parashuram and the Brahmin. Parashuram cursed him that he would forget his learnings at a crucial time and the Brahmin cursed him that his chariot would stop at a very needed moment. But, still Karna did not have any backup plans to come out of such situations.
On the other hand, Urvashi cursed Arjun that he would become impotent for one year because Arjun refused to marry her. Arjun used that curse in his favor when he was in Virat Rajya with a disguise of impotent, viz. Brihannala. Still, considering such curses as unavoidable circumstances, I would say, 50(A)-50(K)
e) We all know Karna was driven by emotion and he did not stand by Truth and Dharma. He was blindly following his best friend Duryodhan for anything he does. Karna’s only mission in life was to stand against Arjun in the battlefield and prove himself a better fighter. He was so emotionally biased that he even insulted Draupadi as a “Prostitute”. He knew Duryodhan was wrong but he still stood by him in Kurukhsetra just because Duryodhan made him the king of Anga Rajya (a societal status) and gave him the chance to fight against Arjun. This is so emotionally driven mindset!! Even as a friend, Karna’s duty was to stop Duryodhan from this war against his brothers. He could have even stayed away from the Yudh as a protest to Adharma. But, he took it as a chance to fight against Arjun. If your best friend is gambling in the casino and losing everytime, would you also sit beside him to give company or would you take him out of the casino?
But look at Arjun, he was always doing his duty irrespective of emotional constraints. When Draupadi was shared by 5 Pandavas, it was decided that no other brother would enter in the room when Draupadi is spending time with one of them. But, once Yudhisthir was alone in a room with Draupadi and a brahmin came to Arjun asking for help to stop thieves stealing his cows. Arjun did not hesitate to take his weapon and entered in that same room. He finished his job and accepted an exile of 12 years of staying away from the family as a punishment. So, a justifiable duty was a bigger cause to Arjun to break an emotional promise. Arjun was even reluctant to fight against his brothers in Kurukhshetra. But, it was Krishna who reminded Arjun about his duties to ‘Dharma’ and Arjun came out of emotional constraints. 70(A)-30(K)

f) I agree that Karna was insulted a good many times as “Soot Putra” by others. That ignorance created a stigma in Karna’s mind. For that he was so depressed that every time he used to blame his fate. The more he blamed his fate, the more people insulted him. I think this was a vicious cycle. In management science, it is important not to think about uncontrollable costs. Karna’s birth was not in his hand. So, then why did not he take it in his stride to forget it and just do his job? It is because he remembered it, people remembered it even more. He never took initiative to ignore this stigma in his mind. He was a great fighter, he got great friendship from Duryodhan, he was king of ‘Anga Rajya’, then why did he not take the positives to ignore just the ‘uncontrollable’? I agree that caste system was very intense in those times in India, but then how did caste stigma drove him to say his mother Kunti that ‘5 of your 6 sons will be alive, either Karna or Arjun would die’? Was the stigma so important for him to send back his own mother with a promise to kill one of her 6 sons? That means he brought his birth-issue in the battlefield also.
For Arjun, it was more of his friendship with Krishna that turned into a kind of dependence. Take Subhadra’s abduction for that matter, there was no need of it but still Arjun went by Krishna’s advice to abduct her. But, he was completely independent in Virat Yudh where he single-handedly defeated all Kauravas and that too without Krishna’s presence. 55(A)-45(K)

The above analysis makes it look like Arjun as a better fighter than Karna. But, I am still not impressed. Because, many questions remained unanswered. What if Karna’s chariot was not stopped? What if Krishna was not there to save Arjun’s life from the deadly arrow that Karna sent to Arjun (for which Arjun had no answer) during the war? Some people argue that if Krishna was not there, Arjun would have surely got beaten. Still, I would say that is a guess and we are not sure about it. Also, why should we leave Krishna out of it? Krishna was a mark of Truth, he is the Almighty, He is the Supreme ‘Dharma’. It was expected that he would be beside Arjun and not beside Duryodhan. Why did not Karna realize the power of Truth?

Overall, I feel their individual fight remained incomplete. That is the greatness of Mahabharata. The debate of Karna and Arjun always reminds a hero (even today) in any domain that his competitor is still out there and unconquered. To me, they both are equally great of all times and we should learn from them.


SOMAK said...

hey nice piece of writing .....i actually could recall my mahabharat days in school...on DD....nice to bring back some old memories and also the deep underlying meaning beneath

roby said...

Nice thought...but i wonder what motivated you to write about Arjun and Karna in todays context!

Shivam said...

Hey there ur points were good bt u did'nt really justified it that well well go and see Mahabharat again Karna was a better Warrior than Arjuna.Karna was alone in everything he did nd he insulted Draupadi bcoz Draupadi also insulted him at a very important time(Swayamwar) Takin away of Kawach nd kundal nd he also felt sorry for insulting Draupadi nd himself said that he won't forgive himself for such a deed and u say that he assisted his friend Duryodhan in everything he did sorry friend but he was against Lakshagrah nd always advised duryodhan not to listen to Shakuni he was the most noblest character nd the reason he was always with Duryodhan was that he was indebred to him cz when he was alone only Duryodhan stood by him nd made him his friend.80(K)20(A)

Anik said...

To shivam,
I think I mentioned most of the things about Karna's noble character. But, you said some cases where he did not assist Duryodhana or told him not to listen to..., My point is he was so cautious by conscience, then he could have avoided taking part in the Kurukhshetra. He took part because of 2 reasons - a) to prove he is better than Arjun b) because he was indebted to Duryodhana.
I dont think there is any debt in this world which may compel anyone to go against "Dharma" or Justice. If such things happen then many of us have to come on the streets with weapons in hand to prove our points.

Banikinkar said...

Hi, very nice analysis, though I am not particularly impressed by the conclusion. I have answers to some of your questions. Why didn't Karna take another chariot as other warriors did when chariots were broken? Even Lord Krishna also pointed it out.It's bcoz Karna knew that he would be killed anyway. About Karna's deadly arrow, remember Arjun vowed not to use very destructive divine weapons in the Mahabharat war despite having all of them. Did Karna have any answer to the likes of Pashupat Astra? Had Arjun used such weapons, the war would have ended in a moment. Moreover, what about Virat war? Only the best can beat an army of finest warriers, and Arjun did it single-handedly, without Krishna. And if it is not enough, Arjun beat Karna after Draupadi swayamvar when Karna fought him; Karna was also beaten by Drupad. Karna could not free Duryodhan from Gandharvas' clutch but Arjun did. And during all these wars, Karna had his kavach and Kundal in tact and without the effect of Parsuram's curse. Karna was also beaten massively by Abhimanyu. Arjun again beat him when he had to go for the murder of Jayadrath. If Karna was the best, he should not have been defeated so many times. And, Karna's great advantage was he did not have to fight against finest archers like Bhisma, Drona and Kripacharya ever while Arjun had defeated them all. And these are just few examples. Moreover, if the finst warriors on earth-- Bhisma, Drona, Kripacharya and the Lord Himself-- considered Arjun the best archer, then it has to be right. Bcoz the Lord never flatters somebody just for the heck of it. Sympathy for a character for his humble origin and subsequent stuggle must be kept aside while immortalising somebody as the greatest archer. Moreover, the Mahabharat never mentioned that Arjun was beaten by Eklavya; it only said the duel between the two ended with the intervention of Drona. And Drona asked for Eklavya's finger as a sort of punishment for stealing "vidya", and that's why he did not deserve that "vidya" too.

Deepak said...

Karna was not so weak as depicted in few of these articles.He followed what was his dharma.
How can one justify that innumerable insults pandav hurled at him ,for what? Actually he was the most eligible person to rule,but destiny had other ideas.Even Kuru clan and Krishna did not do when it was needed to rectify the problem.later when it has taken monstrous prorportions they blame Karna for that,very unfair. If injustice has been done to any one in the entire epic its to him.
Why did Kunti,Indra and Krishna had to go to him just before the war ,if he was not invincible.For that matter Pashupat astra and even Sudharshan Chakra would have been rendered ineffective in front of the Kavach.
It was he who followed the rules of war laid by Bheeshma ,otherwise Arjun would have been gone a day earlier than Karna.In Abhimanyu's case he was just following his commander's instructions.
He always told Duryodhan not to adopt devious means to finish Pandav and instead fight like Kshatriya.
here was a person in front of whom even Dev--Indra and Bhagwan Krishna took a back stage for some time,such was his persona.In calibre he was the most favourite student of Parshuram and equal to his prowess.

Prateek Pandey said...

I am sure Arjun prooved himself a better warrior than Karna. Because:

1. Gurudakshina to Drona: When drona asked for kauravas for gurudakshina, kaurav went with their army along with karna but dhrupad defeated karna and kaurav army. After that pandavas took the same challenge and went without any army and succeeded.

2. The incident of Draupadi swayamvar: When karna challenged Arjun for a battle, and arjun broke his bow. Even though the battle was initiated by karna.

3. Virat Yudha: Arjun single handedly defeated all warriors of kaurava side, including karna and at that time there was a fair war between them. Even arjun was about to kill karna but he was saved by his divine kavach and kundal. The arrow of arjun fetched his chest. Also karna showed his back and took his charriot away from him.
Some may argue that arjun used divyastra(sleeping gas) to defeat the warriors from kaurav's side, but he used it only after defeating karna and also because those warriors were attacking his charriotere who was virat's yuvraj.

4) In kurukshetra , it was not the karna's skills but it was his divine weapons like shakti and brahmastra which can kill arjun, but arjun also posseses those destructive weapons, but he did not use them for the welfare of mankind(eg.pashupatastra)and many others.

Apart from kurukshetera war, at no other place, karna's curse's came into play.So in all the trysts with arjun karna faught at his level best and yet defeated. In kurukshetra karna wanted to use shakti(deadly divine weapon)against arjun, so krishna had to come into action. There is no answer to these weapons and should not be as they are given by the gods. And even if arjuna had some answer for them he could not do it as it was considered as disrespect to the god. So all in all, Karna could not kill arjun with his skills , he had to use divine weapons against arjun. I am sure, Arjuna was better than karna.

Hectacon said...

(1)First of all , Karn was not the student of Dronacharya. When Dronacharya asked for Gurudakshina from Duryodhan and his brothers Karn was not with them. It was only meant for their students not outsiders.
.(2)During Draupadis swayamvar, when every great warrior including Jarasandh,Salya failed to fixed the string, Karna did it with ease .but when he was about shoot the target he was stopped by princess Draupadi.

Thereafter Arjun was victorious. But there was a fight between Arjun and Karn that was so intense that bows and arrows of both the warrior were shattered into pieces. But since karn was fighting with Arjun who was disguised as a Brahmin ,Karna backaway not becs he was scared of defeat but not to be cursed one more time by one more Brahmin.

Hectacon said...

Hey i agree that Arjuna was the greatest archer of his time along with Bhisma. When the Kurukshetra war was fought there were Five prominent Maharathis from Pandava side,they were Arjun, Bhimsen, Abhimanyu Ghatockacha and Satyaki and five prominent Maharathis from Kaurava side they were Bhisma, Dronacharya, karna, Ashwathama and Bhagdatt.
They were Maharathis that means they were very much equally matched. And best of days any could humble the other. But we have to determined who was the best among the best.
So if we consider Arjuna to be best who had the capabilities to kill him according to order
(1) Bhisma ofcourse who was not only the best student of Lord Parashurama but also disciple of Devguru Brihaspati and Devrishi Narad and was well versed with So many devine weapons that makes him second to none.
(2) Karna, he was very much well matched with Arjuna in Archery skill and he had shown that during Exihibition, Draupadi's swayanvar and during 16th and 17th day of war where he had the upperhand over Arjun till the time curses took affect.
(3) Third one , i think Bhimsen.In strength nobody is closed to him, and in skill he can give everyone sleepless night. But i seriously doubt He could have killed Arjun becs he had no Knowledge of the foremost of devine astras like Pasupatastra, Narayana astra, Brahmastra,Vaishnastra he could have matched Arjuna till 9th 10th round but eventually Arjuna will be champ by points or Knockout.
(4) Drona= How can we forgot Dronacharya the elementary teacher of Arjuna. But to be fair Arjuna had moved way ahead in terms of skill. So him killing Arjuna is slim.
Next who are left Abhimanyu .without doubt he was better in archery Than every other Maharathis but what he lacks was war experience which is very crucial and which ultimately led to his death.
(6) Here Everyone is posting that If Arjun had launched Pasupastra than Karna wouldhave died Instantly, but that day wouldn't have never came since Arjuna couldhave died on 11th day of war,yes both Arjuna and Bhimsen was dead for sure if not saved by Lord Krishna . Arjun had no answer to Vaishnastra of Bhaggdatt. The war could have been over on 11th day Duryodhana would have been in power. But "jishe rakhe Hari maar sake na koi" .
So it is clear that Arjuna could have been killed only by two who were fighting from kaurava side they were Bhisma and Karna. But But Bhisma have already announced that he won't kill any of Pandavas or their Sons becs they were his own blood. But Without the death of Arjuna the war cannot be won . So only Karna was left .

KD said...

Go by what Lord Krishna said...what you do and say is what defines you and your fate and the results of your action and not how great a warrior you are or how great a sage you are.
Karna was a loyal friend to Duryodhan, but like all loyal friends you are supposed to help your friends for their well being. The well being of dharam is even bigger than that. Karan could have told Duryodhan not to insult her, a woman someone who holds the highest honor in the living world. He could have chosen not to sit their for and participate in the whole draupadi insult. Instead we know what he as per the history. Hence what you do matters, what you say matters, hence be aware of what you are about to do!!

M.J said...

karn is alway great warrier then arjun coz . he hav no support such as krishna. to told what hi ill do what time.karnas each n every desicion is his own . n arjun killed him when he is in truble . so i realise karana is great warrier.

By - M.j.

Vaibhav Gupta said...

Hi, there is no need to debate over such topic when no-one can say anything with full justification. I liked Arjun's "role" more than Karna's in the Mahabharat,but to nullify the scores as posted in the blog and in the posts, Karna defeated the rest of the four Pandavas atleast once in the battle of Kurukshetra, Mahabharat. And even he had to face greats like Arjuna, Satyaki, Abhimanyu, Bhima.

Also, to know about his calibre, you all should check this page --

Jitendra Kumar Mahapatro said...

It is very difficult to say who is more powerful person. On the Arjuna's chariots Lord Hanuman was sitting still Karana had capability to move the Chariots. Krishna also appreciated for that reason. But Arjun did not understand that why ? then Krishana Explain that reason.

Jitendra Jain said...

If one watches the only 2 episodes of mahabharat tv series of 16th and 17th day or reads in texts how karan died...result comes out as karan being the great as i thought initially.......
But when one finishes the story from beginning to end with all possible logical explanation arjun had upper hand on bhishma, drona and karna (the big three of kaurava side) combined......

Akshadh Katyal said...

For all karna's Fans:


Incident 1:Karna fled rom battlefield from Arjuna(Virata Yudh):

Incident 2:Karna defeated by Gandharwa chitrasena:

Incident 3:Arjuna defeat Ghandarwas & rescued Duryodhan & kurus:

Incident 4:Karna defeated & freightened by Abhimanyu in chakruvyuhu:

Hearing these words, Karna, afflicted with the shafts of Arjuna's son, once more said unto Drona, 'Exceedingly afflicted with the shafts of Abhimanyu, I am staying in battle, only because (as a warrior) I should stay here. Indeed, the arrows of this south of great energy are exceedingly fierce. Terrible as they are and possessed of the energy of fire, these arrows are weakening my heart.'

What Karna's own friend Ashwathama & kripacharya think of karna:

what Lord Krishna think of karna's bravery:

Krishna said(To Arjuna):.I swear by Truth to thee, O friend, that my limbs are burning at the thought that while the son of Subhadra was thus advancing, consuming the hostile army with his shafts, even on that occasion the wicked-souled Karna was engaged in acts of hostility to that hero,Unable, O Partha, to stay in that battle before Abhimanyu's face, mangled with the shafts of Subhadra's son, deprived of consciousness, and bathed in blood, Karna drew deep breaths, inflamed with rage. At last, afflicted with arrows, he was obliged to turn his back upon the field.

& Finally karna himself accepting Arjuna's supeority:

Source:origial mahabharat by vyas..trans by km ganguly!



Authenciaty of vyas original mahabharat by km ganguly:

Akshadh Katyal said...


harindra kumar said...

In my opinion defeat of all Kauravas including Karna by Arjun in virat yudh says it all when no divyastra was used. Divyastras are like nuclear weapon whose use should be avoided. So without the use of divyastras Arjun proved better archer over Karna. Further Karna used his skills for adharm and he should not be given credit which is due to a true warrior. Because satyamev jayate and Arjun was on dharma side so he deserves credit.

harindra kumar said...

Further they both Arjun or Karna were divya sons and any comparisons of divyata is always fruitless.

Karan Rao said...

Karna.. Even though comparisons are useless, as both of them were masters in archery.. I would pick Karna at gun point as Krishna himself praised Karna on the battlefield, when Karna pushed Arjuna's chariot a few inches back, with Krishna and Hanuman present on the chariot..

mimo said...

arjun never defeated KARNA in the virat war arjun just used the samohan astra and make them unconcious and fled away from the battle field ,... arjun is not capable of defeating KARNA

Nimisha said...

If U want to know That what happend if Arjun fought against Karna without taking Help of krishna .
Read virat war .
In which arjuna defeated karna 3 Times And left him half naked Don't tell me that It is bcuz of Sommohina ashtra .
Vaisampayana said, 'After the son of Radha had fled from the field, other warriors headed by Duryodhana, oneafter another, fell upon the son of Pandu with their respective divisions.


the mighty son of Kunti pierced the breast of Kama. And that arrow, cleaving through his mail, penetrated into his body. And at this, Karna's vision was obscured and his sensesleft him. And regaining consciousness, he felt a great pain, and leaving the combat #fled in a northernly direction. And at this, the mighty car-warrior Arjuna and Uttara, both began to address him #contumely.'"

U can see that Arjun defeated karna, It is mention in #SECTION LXI
And Arjuna used sommohana it is mention in SECTION LXV ....
......for #protecting Duryodhana. And beholdingthose divisions advance towards him like the swelling surges of the ocean, Dhananjaya, the son of Pritha, quickly rushed at them like a crane rushing at a descending cloud. And with celestial weapons in their hands, #they#completely_surrounded_the_son_of_Pritha and rained onhim from all sides a perfect shower of shafts, like clouds showering on the mountain breast a heavy downpour of rain,And warding off with weapons, all the weapons of those bulls among the Kurus, the wielder of the Gandiva who was #capable_of_enduring_all_foes,evolved another irresistible weapon obtained from Indra, called #Sanmohana. And entirely covering the cardinal and other directions with sharp and keen-edged arrows furnished with beautiful feathers, that mighty hero stupefied their senses with the twang of theGandiva..........

You tell me that how it is possible that arjuna used sonmohana to defeat karna Becuz there is much different between both the pages


The Truth:
Peoples always thought that Karnava was a hero and no fault on is side. The peoples have to realise that Karna was a ADHARMI in Mahabharatha. His adharmic acrs are all narrated by Sri Krishna at the time of his final battle.
Most of his lives he always at the side of his friend Dhuryodhana and he is a adharmi. Karna was accepted by Sri Krishna as great warrior but Krishna never accepted as a good person.
In Mahabaradha there are lots of warrior who can not be defeated by fair fight as well as with divya asthra.
Hear the list of great warriors who can not be defeated by fair fight and with divya asthra.
Bhishma got a boon from his father that he can live upto his will. So there is no other men can not kill him and can not defeat him when he is armed.
Dhrno have the all divya asthra for this reason he can not be defeated when he is also armed with weapon.

The son of Sun god born with Divya Kavacha and Kundala. No one can kill him by using any divya asthra but he was defeated at many times in mahabharadha. Even so he is a great warrior as ranked as third in my view.

His death was wrtten while he was take birth that Sri Krishna can only able to kill him. None of the above Great warriors like Bhisma, Dhrona and Karna can not kill him.


He is a great warrior such that like Sisubala he can not be killed by using any divya asthra. His death secret only known to Sri Krishna.

But the above warriors death are happened in Mahabaratha. Both Krishna and Arjuna were the true incarnation of The Universal God Narayana and Nara. Whatever the Narayana thinks his twin brother Nara will execute. They were great sages performed very hard thapas in mount Himalaya and become celebrated in all over the world. To teach dharma to the world both Nara and Lord Narayana incarnated as Arjuna and Sri Krishna.

The above mentioned five great warriors are all killed by Arjuna and Sri Krishna.

KARNA is a adharmi he has to be killed to preserve Dharma so God Indra took karnas kavacha koodala from karana. After loss of his divya kavacha kundala he is only a ordinary man. He is cursed by his Guru Parasurama for his mistake. The first curse is that while he facing a equal opponent in a war at the asthra vidya of invoking Bhargava astra and Brhamasthra will forget from his memories when he needed most.
The second curse is that "at the time of his death his car wheels get stuck in land".
Here the death of karna was fixed. At the time of final encounter while he facing is equal opponent Arjuna his asthravidya of invoking bhargava asthra and bhramasthra left from his memories while needed most. At this time his death time came, the second curse got effected. The bhramin cursed him that only at the time your death your weels get stuck. Hence his death was written. Arjuna is perfectly a equal oppenent to Karna so the Divya ashtra left from his memories when he needed most.
If final encounter took place between Arjuna and Karna means, the death of Karna's is certain. There is no question will arise who is a better warior. In character as wellas in battle skils Arjuna was better than Karna. He is incarnation of great sage Nara and he is a part of Narayana. Here as long as he is with Lord Krishna none can defeat him. So there is no question of what if there is no curse on the head of Karna.
The Hindu world has to accept that he is not hero to celebrated. He is just a adharmi like Dhuryodhana. But as a warrior he is very much equal to Arjuna but not suprior. To defeat arjuna he always relied on his Sakthi asthra and Nagastra. He used is Sakthi asthra to kill Gadotkaja and his Nagastra was went futile. But Arjuna never ever relied on any single divya asthra to killa karna. He always wanted to kill karna by using his ordinary asthras.
Always Arjuna is great.

warrior 2000 said...

I am very sorry but that is bullshit
In Mahabharata it was clearly written Karna was defeated by drupada the king of panchalas in the adi parva section sure Karna proved his superiority towards drupada later on in the digvijay & kurukshetra but that doesn't change the fact that drupada was cable to beat him
Draupadi swayamvar Arjuna defeated karna easily making karna unconscious then karna got back up and fought well with greater care and compared Arjuna's skills to lord vishnu and. Karna's own guru parshuram even to the king of devas lord indra karna surrendered the fight and left

warrior 2000 said...

I am very sorry but that is bullshit
In Mahabharata it was clearly written Karna was defeated by drupada the king of panchalas in the adi parva section sure Karna proved his superiority towards drupada later on in the digvijay & kurukshetra but that doesn't change the fact that drupada was cable to beat him
Draupadi swayamvar Arjuna defeated karna easily making karna unconscious then karna got back up and fought well with greater care and compared Arjuna's skills to lord vishnu and. Karna's own guru parshuram even to the king of devas lord indra karna surrendered the fight and left

Uday Krishna said...

The analysis has been done in an impressive manner-it is a SWOT type of analysis.Kudos.Made a very interesting read.Thanks.

Uday Krishna said...

The analysis has been done in an impressive manner-it is a SWOT type of analysis.Kudos.Made a very interesting read.Thanks.

mohamed thowfeek said...

well you gonna be mad if you thought that arjun is superior . if krishna is not on arjun's side he will be killed by karna by nagastra. and karna had not used an astra more than one time on arjun. some of you say that karna was defeated by drupad but was not participated in that war as he was not a student of drona. karna was not defeated by abhimanyu , i agree that he fought with abhimanyu and made him fell from his chariot and stand weaponless as per ordered by duryodana. karna had not accepted anything from his father which can help him in that war . but arjun get his dad's chariot . at the virat yudh karna didn't defeat arjun bcoz he had promised kunti that he will let the pandavas complete their 1 year of "angyathavasam".
karna had all the five qualities of pandavas he had not gone after his words like yudhidtr,he had strenght as like bheem and he even defeated jarasandh 2 times by fighting with bare hand,he had archery skills superior to arjun as said by parasuram "only mahadev can defeat you as long as you have gandiv in your hand". and also he mentioned karna as"amrityun jai karn".parasuram while he realised the truth about karna he cursed karna of forgetting all he had learnt at the time when he need them most . but after cursing him he said that it was not his curse but was world's truth. and gave him his personel vijay dhanus. at the final day of karna in kurukshetra war he had moved arjun's chariot even krishna and hanuman are there in it. at the time when arjun killed karna . karna had no weapon in his hand and the ancient saying that mother,father,teacher,lord . in karna's case he was abanded by all of them said before. krishna said this one incident will say about karna's capability.

Ankur banerjee said...

Really Arjuna defeat karn in virat yudh sorry Karn is defeated because karn use ordinary bow where on other side Arjuna uses gandiv that's why Arjuna win against everyone. And everyone knows that how Arjuna kill karn in final battle that's it

Ankur banerjee said...

Really Arjuna defeat karn in virat yudh sorry Karn is defeated because karn use ordinary bow where on other side Arjuna uses gandiv that's why Arjuna win against everyone. And everyone knows that how Arjuna kill karn in final battle that's it

galaxy warrior said...

Hey friend, i think u have to read once again about virat yaudh or Mahabharath. u understand well about, Karna and arjun but some how i think u missed some miner points.

prathap nelabhotla said...

Karna has limited number of Devine weapons that too given by parashurama,But Arjuna gains after proves he is suitable to use them.
Karna's bow Vijaya makes him a great warrior.But Arjuna makes his bow as a greatest bow.
Arjuna never makes decision against dharma while making oath to kill saindhava before sun set on 13 th day night
He told If saindhava come for shelter to Krishna or other pandavas I'll leave him
If saindhava not in war field then I'll leave him
If saindhava run away from the war I'll leave him
Karna says I'll cut the bow of abhimanyu from back before drona completed his words

Raj Varshney said...

Karna was the best bowed warrior against Arjuna,
There was nothing in favor of Karna
1-Karna also donated armor coil
2-Karna cursed by Parashuram
3-Krishna was not even in favor of Karna
4-Karna's Indra weapon was also used
There were many reasons
Nevertheless, Arjun struck Karna with deception when Karna was helpless
So Karna was a good bowman with Arjuna.